How to Post a Support Ticket

To submit a support ticket is as easy as 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

1) Please use the link at the top right of the page labeled as "Submit a Request".

2) The first time you submit a request you may be required to verify your email.

3) Please fill out all fields appropriately, this should be self-explanatory when submitting the ticket.

Additional Notes:

Most regular support tickets should be submitted as a "General Request - Normal Priority" (you will see this option when submitting a ticket), but if your site has an outage or is under distress (under attack or otherwise), you may choose the Emergency Option. All emergency tickets are handled first, please do not choose the emergency option unless your issue is in need of an immediate resolution.

Emergency Tickets are usually responded to in a few minutes, normal priority tickets are responded to generally not longer than 4-8 hours, but often within 2 hours depending on our current ticket load. The response time does depend on our ticket load, if there is a network wide issue (very rare), then we may respond to all tickets with a mass-responder update to keep you informed of the status of the network.

Why is your Support Desk running on a separate domain?
You may have noticed that our support desk runs at and not The reason for this is to ensure that during any network issues, there is absolutely no connection or relation between siteuplink and the support desk's domain, hence it is separated even down to the DNS level. This ensures you will still receive our tickets if any rare network-wide issues may be occurring. We may re-brand this in the near-future with some added redundancy for our own internal domain, but for now we will be using this setup as it should work very well in all circumstances.

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