Site Uplink's New Support Desk

This is the new support desk at Site Uplink.

If you are submitting a ticket regarding a server that runs email software or regarding an email issue, please use an alternate email address that is hosted off-site (Yahoo, Google, etc..). This is to ensure that you still receive all of our responses in a timely and robust fashion. It may also be helpful to BOOKMARK this site directly in your browser.

We have standardized to an external ZenDesk offering which runs off-site even separately from our DNS (which is why the domain is redirected to a ZenDesk domain). This also means that all support emails and responses do not originate from our network, so if you encounter any issue on our network and are trying to submit a support ticket, this assures your tickets will still be received by our agents in the event of a rare network problem.

--- Site Uplink Team

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